Woodland Management Isle of Wight and HampshireWoodlands are an extremely valuable resource in many ways, and to ensure their diverse benefits are maximised it is essential that they are managed appropriately. How they are managed will vary from site to site, depending on their own ecological characteristics and the objectives of their owners.

What all thriving woodlands have in common are clear, robust and realistic management strategies to ensure the trees, plants and animals are all part of a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.

Woodside Tree Consultancy can provide advice to private owners, community groups and Local Authorities in respect of woodland design and creation, as well as existing woodland management; whether for timber, conservation, landscape, recreation, or educational uses.

Woodland Management Plans & Advice

Woodland management advice Isle of Wight and HampshireWe possess the knowledge, qualifications and experience to carry out woodland surveys and produce clear and achievable management plans for different types of woodland, whatever the owners objectives. This includes adding value where possible to maximise the financial benefits of active woodland management.

Our services in this area include woodland ecological and NVC surveys, because without understanding the ecology of your woodland it is not possible to maximise its management potential.

Woodland Creation Plans & Ecological Site Classification

Woodland planting advice Isle of Wight and HampshireWe can assist in developing your ideas for creating new woodland by producing detailed creation scheme plans which will help in applying for grant funding. An important part of planning new woodland is understanding which species are best suited to the site, considering woodlands variable soil and climatic conditions.

This is where the Ecological Site Classification (ESC) will assist in developing the best plans, and we can use our knowledge to apply this technical model for your site as part of the woodland creation plans.

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