Trees & Risk Management

Trees are undoubtedly an asset to own, but with this comes responsibility as they also carry risks. Owners have a legal duty of care to take a balanced and proportionate approach to tree safety.  Should an accident occur because of a tree or branch failing you could be found negligent if you have not demonstrated “reasonable care”.  You can do this by having your trees inspected at regular intervals by a qualified Arboriculturist.

We can undertake tree inspection surveys and reports for a wide variety of situations such as:

Tree Management Advice

Tree health Isle of Wight and HampshireHomeowners concerned about the condition of their garden trees, wanting management advice to be able to give them the best possible care, or advice as to their legal duty of care in relation to trees.

Homebuyer Mortgage and Insurance Reports

Homebuyer Tree Reports Isle of Wight and HampshireWhen purchasing a property the house insurer or mortgage lender may request arboricultural reports to assess the condition of the trees and how they may interact with the property.

These can be produced swiftly so as not to delay the purchase process.

Tree Safety Assessments

Tree Health and Safety Isle of Wight and HampshireFor landowners that recognise their responsibilities under the Occupiers Liability Act, the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Highways Act;

We will carry out safety inspections to give you peace of mind.

Tree-related Subsidence Reports

Tree Subsidence Reports Isle of Wight and HampshireWhere trees are implicated in suspected cases of subsidence damage to buildings, we can assist by exploring the extent to which trees may be a contributory factor.

By assessing the tree-soil-building relationship, and taking account of all supporting technical information, we will produce a subsidence report to help identify the actual problem as well as any recommendation for vegetation management should it be necessary.

Veteran and Ancient Trees

Veteran and Ancient Trees Isle of Wight and HampshireSpecialist surveys and management advice for these culturally and ecologically valuable specimens. Veteran trees and ancient trees are particularly sensitive to management and environmental change, and so conventional tree surgery is sometimes inadvisable.

We can provide advice and produce management plans on how best to care for the well-being and habitat value of these extremely valuable trees.

Tree Valuation Surveys

Tree Valuation Isle of Wight and HampshireFor asset management purposes, to identify and place a monetary value on visually prominent trees. This can inform local authorities and other landowners of the financial importance of their trees, which in turn can assist decision making with regard to planning applications or development schemes for example.

We have local authority experience of using several nationally recognised valuation methods so can confidently produce accurate valuations as required.

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